When looking for means of livelihood, we are often burdened with the dilemma of choosing between two contrasting options; what you love to do or what will pay you. In other words, we are torn between passion and paycheck. This dilemma is an age-old tradition, with every generation having its fair share of dealing with it. In fact, it is so hard for one not to have at least been faced with advice on the two concepts. During graduations, at motivational events and entrepreneurial hangouts; the debate does not seem to end. Let us carefully get something clarified to you.

  • Does your passion pay?

Since we know that the two concepts are poles apart, albeit rare times when they meet, what is the possibility of your passion generating good income for you? Hobbies and recreations, including sports, do not always generate any reasonable income; rather operate as cost centres in our lives. Passions are known to bring internal satisfaction. Some people are passionate about movies; how would that translate to income for them? Most things we are passionate about do not have any propensity to be monetized effectively. So paycheck is what you should follow.

  • Can your passion be displayed on a professional level?

A whole lot of passions are not grounded professionally. Take the example of the avid cinema-goer who is passionate about movies. How does that translate to professionalism? It is understandable that some passions that include creativity like acting, singing and drawing can exist on a professional plane. However, for every passion that can be professionalized, there are five that do not correlate to any form of professionalism.

  • Working for money gives a sense of clarity of purpose

Let’s face it, money is the most important thing in everyone’s life. What individuals do for money drives them to success than what they do just to make them happy. Passions only exist to endear us to a certain aspect of life that gives us joy. However, when it comes to living life, money determines just how good we can live it. If your passion may translate to money, then it is worth trying out. But, do not let your passion stand in the way of your opportunity to get a fat paycheck. Understand the fact that the fat paycheck will give you the opportunity to live the dream life you want; your passion inclusive.

To sum it all, financial independence will allow you to engage in all your desires, passions inclusive. It is equally possible to follow your passion when you have the necessary resources to propagate it. You cannot simply pass off the opportunity of a good paycheck for an unsure passion-driven endeavour. Money is important. It is a life-long pursuit; you never get enough of it.it drives you perpetually. Without it, your passions remain an untapped resource with no economic value.

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