Time saving

Traditionally, when you are dealing with your invoices, you have to check the purchase order forms and entering data carefully. The whole process can be rather slow and time-consuming. With the accounts payable automation, however, you can finish the process almost immediately by removing the repetitive work.

Better productivity

Since much time has been saved thanks to the automation, the team can have more time to do other more important and valuable work instead of repeating the boring manual task.

Fewer errors

Everyone can make mistakes from time to time. Therefore, errors are unavoidable in a manual task. On the other hand, the automation can repeat the invoice process endlessly without making fault, thus greatly reducing the possible errors.

Increased visibility, control, and accountability

With the accounts payable automation, you can immediately know the whole invoicing process, from what is done at a particular moment to how it is done all the way to when the task will be completed. The entire process is all under the control. The risks of fraud can also be reduced in this way.

Less cost

The traditional way of the invoice processing requires paper, ink, file folders, staplers, hole punchers, paper clips, binders, filing cabinets as well as other office supplies. These all cost money. By using the automated tool, all these outdated materials can be removed, which can save you a certain amount of money.

Instant access

Since the digital process provided by the automation is cloud-based, now you can deal with your invoices at almost anytime from anywhere. You don’t have to place the documents in the right in-tray, and file them in the correct cabinet. Besides, the details of the process can be easily checked on the smart phone. Nothing can be more convenient than that.

Protection of the environment

Invoices are mostly printed on paper, and manual invoice processing can be paper-intensive. This is not good for the environment. Therefore, an automation approach seems to be a better solution to save the resources and protect the trees and the environment.

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