Let’s talk about how to be rich, like super rich, having billions of dollars at least.

I’m serious.

Someone used to ask about my opinions toward him. I said that maybe one day he could be a successful entrepreneur.

He asked, “Do you think I can be as famous as Steve Jobs, as rich as Jeff Bezos, as creative as Elon Musk?”

“No way.”


“Because of your family.”

“You mean family education or family resource?”

“No. I mean you have a good family.”

I’m not joking. Childhood attaches great significance to one’s personality.

Jobs, Bezos and Musk have something in common, and maybe that’s the reason why they are so rich and famous.

  • Unhappy Childhood

Steve Jobs was adopted. His biological mother was unmarried then, after Jobs was born, she gave him to Paul Jobs due to family pressure.

Jeff Bezos’s mother also had premarital pregnancy. Bezos was luckier than Jobs. His mother didn’t abandon him, but found him a stepfather, Miguel Bezos.

Elon Musk’s mother got divorced when he was 9. Musk suffered school bullying until the age of 15.

  • Tough and Ruthless

Jobs had his first daughter when he was 23. He didn’t want to take the responsibility of raising a child, even refused to pay $500 every month for child support.

Bezos divorced because he had an extramarital affair.

Elon Musk loves prenuptial agreement and wouldn’t give a penny to his ex-wives.

This stern character is shown not only in family work, but also in work.

Jobs was known for being manipulating and selfish, setting high standards for himself and his employees. Most employees couldn’t tolerate these harsh requirements.

Bezos is emotionally unavailable. According to Amazon’s staffs, Bezos is always sarcastic or sometime laughing at strange things. He is also very mean, donating 0.0906% of his personal wealth.

Musk is the same, being tough and controlling. Many core staffs left him.

These are things they are in common:

  1. Single family
  2. Immigrants
  3. Ruthless to family
  4. Tough to employees
  5. No co-founder of the company, or force co-founder out
  6. Being arbitrary
  • Why they are successful?

I’m not saying they are good or kind people or advising you all to imitate their life experience. In the perspective of business, they are doing well.

The entrepreneurship I believe, is being 100% focus on the company.

For an entrepreneur, the most important thing is the company being strong and powerful. Otherwise, what makes you think you can be successful?

This is somehow related to child experience. All three of them didn’t have a happy family when they were children. They suffered big setbacks and hardships during childhood.

Though it’s not so definite, this kind of people are easier to be super successful. They try very hard to change the environment and prove themselves.

If you have a happy life and have mainstream ideologies, it is possible that you could earn hundred od million dollars, but it’s hard to have billions or trillions.

When you are rich, you may gradually lose your creativity in business. Because you have a wonderful life, sometimes you think that’s all.

But for those tough men, they never stop. They want to conquer the world, or even the universe.

You must face difficulties during the development of your company. You may have to fire employees, force co-founder out of the company and listen to their curses sometimes.

How can you deal with this if you are not tough and ruthless enough?

Modern education never educates us being harsh, tough or ruthless.

Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk already knew this when they were young:

This world is cruel. You can’t be a sage if you want success.

If you were them, would you like to swap your smooth and happy life for top achievements?

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