What is a census scam:

The United States Census is a decennial census mandated by the U.S. constitution to investigate the overall status of the population, during which census takers may contact you through phone calls, mails in the box, or a knock at the door to collect your personal information. Census scammers are likely to take the opportunities to pose as census officials to steal your personal information to commit frauds.

Common types of census scams:

Phone scams

Census scammers may pose as census takers via phone calls in disguise of the number spoofing so that the call may appear to come from the Census Bureau. And then your personal information beyond the scope of census may be asked, such as your Social Security number, details about your bank accounts.

Mail scams

Scammers are likely to send you fake census forms through mails for you to fill out, in which detailed personal information will be required. Pay attention to the return address on the mail and check online whether it is official or not.

In-person scams

Scammers may pretend to be census takers without proper ID badge or outside of census times.

Online scams

Phishing scams, malware scams, social media scams, census job scams are common tricks used in online scams. Remember not to give out any personal information or pay any fees in any occasions related to census investigation online.

How to avoid census scams:

Remember census takers will only contact you through phone calls, mail in the box, or a knock at the door. Any kinds of e-mail or links related to census shall not be clicked or responded to. Ask census officials to show their ID badge before performing their duty. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to call the Census Bureau or check their official website to verify the name of the personnel.

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