Moving during this pandemic period is a challenging endeavour, even when you decide to employ the services of professionals to relieve the stress. It takes more than just the normal preparation like in the past.  However, it is possible that you have no option other than to move. You may need to take into consideration some of the issues highlighted below before you eventually make the move.

Be cautious

One thing you should understand is that we are in a precarious situation, which means you have to take extreme caution in whatever you intend to do. We are not saying you should not proceed with your move but do so with a high level of caution. If you move around recently, you will observe that everyone now does a lot of things with caution as well as putting a high level of attention to your surroundings. This should be your modus operandi too in relation to your moving.

Be masked up

Whether you are engaging the services of professional movers or doing it all by yourself in the company of friends and families, make sure everyone around you is masked up at all times throughout the moving duration.  The masks give you and everyone a level of protection from pathogens emanating from any possible coronavirus carrier around you. 

Make use of fresh packing supplies

While it would have been normal to make use of boxes that have been used by someone else in the past, this pandemic has simply changed how we see things. You don’t know who recently used the moving boxes you are about to reuse. So you should take the safer option of going for a new set of boxes. Endeavour to ask your movers if they have new boxes to use for you.

Pack you things neat and tight

As much as you need to move, ensure that all your things are organized and packed neatly. Do not leave anything loose. And endeavour to do your packing on time so that you don’t have to wait till the last minute before you start rushing to pack. If possible, make sure you are fully packed at least 24 hours in advance to ensure your boxes are safe from any living viruses.  Seal all boxes with packing tape and avoid leaving spaces in the cardboard flaps.

 Constant communication with your movers

If you are hiring professional movers to help you with moving, be sure to communicate with them in advance. Not these alone, engage in constant communication with them to be sure that they are taking all manners of precautions. There is nothing bad asking the manager what level of precaution they are taking during this pandemic time. This will give you some rest of mind.

One last thing, endeavour to take the same precautions you took while packing when you are unpacking too. Wait for at least 24 hours before unpacking the card boxes.

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