Before applying SSDIs (Social Security Disability Insurance), you need to first demonstrate that you have passed several tests. These are the qualifications you have to meet before getting the disability benefits. So, what are these hurdles?

  • Means Test

The first requirement for disability benefits is that, you must either be totally unable to work, or be working but unable to earn more than $1,070 a month. This income limit might change from time to time. Thus, before your application, you need to find out the income limit and see if you meet the requirement.

  • Severity Test

You also need to provide a proof that demonstrates the severity of your disability. Regardless of your diagnosis, if you are proved the disability prevents you from working, SSA will give you Social Security disability benefits under SSDI.

  • Substantiating Medical Records

If you meet both the income test and the severity tests, you need to also provide substantiating medical records. These records usually refer to medical documentations that show you meet the criteria in the blue book. The blue book, officially called Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, is a regulation issued by SSA with lists of qualified diabling conditions. SSA also issued the compassionate allowance, which lists 50 medical conditions that automatically qualify.

  • Work Test

The SSA usually wants to check whether you could do your previous job, since the SSA only provides aids to people who cannot perform their original duty. If you cannot continue working on your previous position, the SSA will also check whether you can do another type of work. The SSA usually will consider your education, your work experience, and your age when handling on a work test.

Overall, you must to pass these above tests in order to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Also, if you are blind, widowed, or you are applying on behalf of a child, or if you are a member of the armed services, the SSA might apply different rules depending on specific situations. 

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