Employers are responsible for the safety of workplaces. However, accidents may happen without warning. Employees are vulnerable to various dangerous situations. They may get injured or even be killed when they are in the course of employment. For most families with low income, they can not afford to pay the cost of workplace accidents. Therefore, the workers’ compensation insurance is needed.

It is not difficult to understand what workers’ compensation is. Remember that it is companies that pay for this insurance not employees. It serves two purposes. Firstly, if workers get injured and hey cannot go to work, workers’ compensation insurance can assure that workers get medical care compensation which offsets their income loss. Secondly, employers are legally obligated to make sure the workplaces are safe. This insurance can protect them from lawsuits by workers’ injury.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers almost every kind of injuries. According to the survey of the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the most common accident is traffic accidents that occur when the employees are in a vehicle for work purpose. As long as they go out for work, no matter they are driving their own car or the enterprise’s, the injuries will be covered. Other injuries including violence, natural disasters, occupational diseases and terrorist attacks will also be compensated.

To sum up, workers’ compensation insurance is a social insurance system which can compensate workers’ loss when their rights of life and health, survival and labor are deprived. And other insurances, like maternity insurance and endowment insurance, are established based on the assistance and compensation for the employees’ difficulties in life. The two above-mentioned insurance systems are different, both of them are indispensable for workers.

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