In order to guarantee the life of people who can’t work due to disability, the US givernment provides a program called SSDI, the Social Security Disability Insurance. With SSDI, people who are under age 65 and qualified will be offered monthly payments.

So, who qualifes the requirements of SSDI?

First, you shall have had qualifying employment that lasted for a certain span of time. And you have paid in the employment into the Social Security System. Since a maximum of four work credits is awarded by the Social Security per year, your total yearly wages or self-employment income will be important. It’s worth mentioning that the amount of credit see changes from year to year. Thus, it’s always recommended to get aware of what the credit amount you’ve attained before you apply and ensure you have enough.

How much credits you need to qualify not determined only by how much money you earn, but also linked with your age when you become disabled. You can find more information on the SSA’s website, where you can read your Social Security Statement for further details and instructions.

Apart from work credits, you must also prove that you suffer from a disability which completely keeps you from working. According to the SSA, it means that the disabling condition prevents you from continuing the job before it happened, and prevents you from choosing another job regardless of your disability. Moreover, this disability has lasted or is estimated to last at least 12 months or even for the rest of your life. Thus partial or short-term disability are excluded, which means that you are not eligible for the benefits if you have been or is expected to be disabled for a short period of time.

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