Many of us might have heard of motorhome. This is a type of vehicle that offers living accommodation combined with a vehicle engine. Motorhomes range from larger (as well as luxury) vehicles, such as A-class models, to smaller models including self-build motorhomes, and this kind of vehicles usually provide sleeping spaces for 2-8 people.

Motorhome insurance is, however, a type of insurance that covers your motorhome when it’s parked up or out on the road, which performs like a normal car insurance. Basically, a comprehensive motorhome insurance might cover:

  • Traffic accidents, as well as repairing damage to your motorhome or other vehicles.

If you meet traffic accidents, the insurance will help you cover a part of the cost that you have to pay.

  • Fire damage

Fire damage, as well as other natural disaster, that might destroy your motorhome could be covered in your insurance. The amount of money that you receive depends on the type of disasters and you plan of insurance.

  • Theft and damage caused by break-ins

If you encounter a theft, or if your motorhome’s items (such as glass) are destroyed by the theft, your insurance would help you cover the cost. Just like common car insurance, this truly protects your motorhome especially when it serves both for your transportation and for your accommodation.

  • You and your passengers, pedestrians, other drives and their passengers.

This refers to the situation when you, your passengers, and the pedestrians on the streets are under risks. For example, if your motorhome is out of control and causes a serious incident, this term would help you pay for a part of the medical fees.

It’s also worth to notice that insuring your motorhome is a legal requirement, which means every person who has a motorhome needs to register for at least one insurance. However, you need to avoid opting for the cheapest insurance policy without reading the insurer’s terms and information.

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