Nowadays, no matter big or small businesses, all need to accept and process the payment from customers. This is one of the most important parts of a business’s daily operation.

At first, At first, sellers only accepted cash and put it into the drawers. With the development of technology, buyers began to use credit cards to pay the bill. Businesses need to use the POS machine to accept money which was regulated by the specific institutions.

The merchant service industry came into being.

Merchant service is a broad term which refers to a variety of financial services and technology used by businesses, including both hardware and software.

Companies who provide merchant services are called merchant service provider. They can settle everything for a business. For example, if a business accepts the payment through credit cards, merchant service provider will equip it with POS hardware and software, payment gateways and other tools that allow a business to accept payments.

Merchant service providers charge certain fees. The service fee contains not only the cost of buying a tool, such as a POS machine or a payment gateway, but also the transaction fees. How much this fee will be is determined by the type of service they provide.

To sum up, choosing a merchant service is of great significance for each business owner. It can facilitate the business’s daily operation and make sure each payment process is carried out fully and accurately as well.

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