Suppose that you had a bad experience after buying goods from a company, or you are scammed, what can you do? One good option is to file a complaint on the BBB website.

What is BBB? BBB stands for Better Business Bureau, a non-profit organization established in 1912. The main mission, as it describes, is to focus on advancing marketplace trust.

BBB provides a platform where consumers can see reviews and ratings of a company, which helps supervise the marketplace and enhance trustworthy. In return, good businesses affiliated with BBB, who pay fees for BBB “accreditation”, can use its trademarked logo in marketing materials to prove the business is of high quality.

The rating system of BBB follows an A+ to F letter-grade scale. Higher grades show stronger confidence the BBB has towards a company’s performance.

You can file complaints towards all types of businesses, including online, offline businesses. The filing process can be easily completed online. First, you should visit the BBB online, search for the company’s name and the specific location where you did business, click the company to see its file, then you’ll see a “file a complaint link”. You’ll be offered 3 options, “File a complaint”, “File a review” or “File a scam report”, choose one and type your issue, done.

Consumers can see your review or complaints online and they’ll know whether this company is trustworthy. Also, the BBB will track the responses from companies. In 2018, Tesla got an F form the BBB for how it deals with consumers’ complaints.

After the filing of your complaint, you’ll receive an email confirmation. There will be a Dispute Resolution Specialist working with you to solve the problem.

The BBB is a good place if you have issues with some companies. However, it’s better to do research before doing business. The BBB can help you in both ways.

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