A financial advisor is a professional who is paid to give financial suggestions or guidance to clients or customers. It is a general term involving various specific types of financial professionals, mainly including stockbrokers, insurance agents, investment managers, and financial planners.


Most stockbrokers keep a day-to-day schedule around marketing. They usually show up at the office an hour or two before the opening of the stock market in order to do research early. During the first several hours of trading, they will mainly contact their existing clients to offer recommendations for the portfolio. Later, they may either meet with other clients face to face or finish the day’s paperwork. After that, many stockbrokers will end their day by making calls, networking or offering seminars to potential clients.

Insurance Agents

Insurance agents usually sell and negotiate all kinds of insurance to satisfy the needs of the clients. An insurance agent may work for an insurance company or as an independent broker. Insurance agents should evaluate the needs of the clients and provide plans based on the criteria of the customers as well as their financial status. Marketing also plays a big role in their daily routines. Successful insurance agents can promote new and current insurance policies and try to attract new customers via the marketing strategies. Through networking and referrals, agents can develop relationships with potential clients, which are the foundation of the business.

Investment Managers

An investment manager is responsible for managing the money invested by individuals or institutions. Investment managers should try to protect the current value of the investments, select the best method to improve the investment, be cautious of the changing climates of different investment choices, and help clients adjust the investment position if needed. In addition, they will attach great importance to the investment performance and help settle transactions to meet the requirements of their clients.

Financial Planner

A financial planner provides clients with professional suggestions and assistance to help clients reach financial goals. Specifically, they can give advice on budgeting and saving, investing, debt reduction, estate planning, tax optimization and many other areas. Usually, the financial planner would require the clients to fill out a questionnaire inquiring the current debt, savings, investments and insurance policies together with the client’s tolerance for risks. The planner would then evaluate the client’s current situation based on the questionnaire and finally offer a full financial plan for the clients.

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