A commercial truck insurance is a specific grouping of insurance auto policy tailored for trucking businesses, including businesses with trucks or independent truck drivers, to address trucking risks. The business, the vehicles, even workers can be protected by the insurance.

A commercial truck insurance starts with primary liability upon which there are various additional coverages. Usually the primary liability truck insurance is required to be included in a trucking license. Primary liability insurances, which only cover the damage to another vehicle or to a person whenever an accident occurs, are necessary for drivers who want to drive with their own authority. But if you own a trucking company, probably you will need to add the general liability to your trucking insurance because general liability offers additional protections in a lawsuit or a libel, slander or false advertising claim against your business. All trucks entail at least $750,000 in insurance coverage.

With a commercial truck insurance (general liability added), you will be covered in the following situations:

Bodily Injury

If somebody gets hurt by your truck, the insurance can pay for the medical bills plus the potential lawsuit costs.

Damaged Property/ Commodities

Provided that your truck damages somebody’s property, the cost to fix and replace the property will be covered. Besides, if you unintentionally deliver commodities to the wrong address, the cost and damages can also be included.

Driver Accidents at Delivery Locations

This is of no specialty since many other variables also fit under the category, yet if the driver causes any damage to property on another site, the damage can be covered by the general liability.

Libel, Slander, and False Advertising Claims

The cost of a libel, slander, or false advertising lawsuit will be covered if you conduct any kind of advertising or represent your brand out on the road.  

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