Sometimes bad things happen.

It happened to me that I lost my credit card. Bet some of you sure did teh same thing. What should I do next? Here are some suggestions if you accidently lost your credit card.

First of all, you need to contact your credit card issuer immediately to report your situation. In most cases, you can check out the telephone number of your credit card issuer online and call them.

It’s also possible to find your credit card issuer’s phone number on your credit card statement or on your phone app for your credit card. This step must be taken in an immediate way, because a stolen credit card might cause a significant amount of financial loss if someone else has used it.

But don’t panic if you receive lots of unknown transactions when you lost your card, because you are in fact able to cancel these unauthorized charges. Thus, even if someone else might use your credit card without your permission, you can cancel these transactions by contacting with the credit card issuers, and in most of the cases you will pay 50 dollars for your liability for unauthorized charges.

After contacting with the credit card issuers, they might need to verify your identity.

So, be sure to supply enough information such as name, address, and Social Security number. In many banks’ apps, customers could find a button to report a credit card loss. Credit card issuers normally would check your recent transactions record in order to know whether your action is a credit card fraud.

After that, credit card issuers would cancel your credit card and mail you a new credit card with a new account number. Fortunately, getting your lost credit card replaced would have no negative effect on your credit report or credit score.

2 thoughts on “What if your credit card is lost or stolen?”

  1. My name is joseph Anthony Gutierrez my old address is 4937 Florence Ave Downers Grove Illinois 60515.I want to put a freeze on my atm card my social security number #319-72-9716

    1. My ex wife has the card and she is threatening to take my check off it on the 3rd of July. I am incarcerated at DuPage county Jail and cannot take care of my card so my Mom Joan Gutierrez is authorized to get it taken care of. I would just like to have my account frozen for now because I am having social security issue me with a direct Express Card but I just want to make sure you don’t allow her to withdraw any money from my account on the 3rd.You can contact my Mom Joan at 219-803-7289 or email her at [email protected] with a response so I know that she hasn’t robbed anymore from my account. TODAY IS THE 26TH DAY OF JUNE AND I AM SURE THAT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO FREEZE MY ACCOUNT OR CLOSE IT AND SEND MY CHECK TO MY mom’s house and I will be there after court her address is 1013 169th Street Hammond Indiana 46324

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