If you want to purchase a new house, you can always use mobile apps to make things so much easier for you. They apps can help you calculate mortgage costs, understand real estate terms and eventually purchases your ideal home.

1. MLS Apps

MLS apps are designed to help potential home buyers find houses for sale and search the multiple listing service (MLS) in their local area. Buyers can use the apps to search their ideal house and filter them by place, size, property type, features, and etc. The most common sites include Realtor.com, Redfin. com, Trulia.com, Zillow.com. All of these are free and can be used both on iOS and Android system. We strongly recommend Realtor.com since it updates latest information every 15 minutes and all the information are very accurate.

2. Homesnap

Homesnap is just like MLS apps but with another feature. Buyers can take a photo any time if they see a house that they like or upload a photo they find somewhere else and this app will show them whether this house is on sale for not, its current value, numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, nearby facilities and so on. Also, this app allows buyers to directly contact with a real estate agent in order to arrange a home tour.

3. Mortgage Apps

Mortgage apps are used when potential buyers try to calculate refinancing cost and figure out how much they can afford, how much they should pay each month and the real-time rate. Meanwhile, with mortgage apps, buyers can see the credit rating and the review of lenders, which will allow them to find the one that suits them most. If they do, they can contact the lender directly through the apps. These apps are Trulia Mortgage Calculator, Trulia Home Loan Rates, Zillow Mortgages, etc. They are also free and can be operated on both iOS and Android system.

4. AroundMe

If buyers are searching houses in a strange neighborhood, they can use this app to find out the facility and infrastructure around them, such as bank, gas station, hospital and supermarket. It also comes with a map and buyers can view GPS directions to get to their destination. Similarly, AroundMe is applied to both iOS and Android system and it has no extra cost.

5. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms

Easement, encumbrance, credit rating…All of these terms are confusing when a buyer tries to keep up with tons of real estate terms. When buyers are making an offer or financing for their down payment, it can be a real disaster if they don’t understand these technical terms. This app includes more than 3,000 real estate terms and it is here to save buyers and ease them into this process. It costs only $3.99 but it can only be used on iOS platform. If buyers wish to find a similar yet free apps, Android users can choose Glossary Real Estate Terms and iOS users can choose Real Estate Dictionary.

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