When you start to use a digital wallet and link the wallet with your credit card, it’s essential to know how to maximize your credit card rewards. In order to get a digital wallet, you need to first download the app for digital wallet and connect it with your credit card. It’s important to know which credit card that you set is your “top of card,” since usually only this kind of card enjoy credit card rewards when make purchases by digital wallet. Top of card could be these three kinds of cards: 1) the last card you used to make a purchase through the app; 2) a card you choose from the app at checkout; 3) a card you’ve set up as a default payment method.

For maximizing credit card rewards, you’d better understand the concept of your top of card. Lots of credit cards offer bonus and rewards when you use digital wallet, but those bonus and rewards vary among cards and among different types of digital wallets. Here are some tips for selecting top of card:

  • Review the concept of rewards for each linked cards

You have to know which cards in your digital wallet first, and you need to find out whether each card earns points, miles or cash back. After that, you are supposed to understand each card’s rewards structure. For example, if you have a cash back card, it’s essential for you to know how cash back is earned, because some cards earn cash-back by a flat percentage of purchases back while some only offer rewards with specific types of purchases.

For credit cards that only offer rewards with specific types of purchases, you only need to set them as top of cards when buying these specific commodities, or your purchases won’t give you any returns.

  • Compare and contrast types of digital wallets and different credit cards

Some digital wallets are more friendly to some specific kind of credit cards. When you link a specific card with a specific kind of digital wallet, you may receive more bonus and rewards than usual. For example, Apple Credit Card offers more cash-back for Apple Pay than for any other digital wallets.

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