No one continues doing his job in the same company for his entire life. Most of us will face the situation of losing job. Sometimes you are not voluntary to quit. Under present situation, finding a job is much more difficult than years ago. You may not have incomes for months, while you still have to pay rent.

What can you do?

Unemployment insurance may be your rescue, only if you meet criteria.

What Is Unemployment Insurance?

If you people faultlessly lost their jobs and meet other eligibility criteria, they can receive unemployment benefits. This insurance gives cash stipends to unemployment workers who seek jobs actively. It doesn’t include people who quit their jobs voluntarily or self-employed.

Every state has its own unemployment insurance program, but all states must follow the guidelines in federal law.

Qualified workers may receive up to 26 weeks of cash benefits a year. That money comes from states fund, which is composed with taxes. Most employers will pay both state and federal FUTA tax, according to the Federal Unemployment Tax Act.

If you can not find a job 26 weeks after you received the unemployment benefits, you can apply to extend the program. You’ll be given an additional 13 to 20 weeks for unemployment benefits.

Who can have unemployment benefits?

First, people must meet the state-mandated criteria for either wages or time worked in a state-based period. Second, people are unemployed through no fault of their own. Then, people can file unemployment insurance claims in the state where they worked.

It may take two or three weeks for processing. After the approval, people should file weekly or bi-weekly reports to confirm their unemployment situations.

How about private unemployment insurance?

You can choose accordingly to have a private unemployment insurance if you can afford. Private unemployment insurance ensures your living during the time you have no wages. There are multiple insurance products, you should consider carefully and choose the one best suits your needs.

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