In 21st century, we usually buy everything online. Car is no exception. Actually, you can order a car on your mobile phone and waiting it to be shipped to you in no more than one week. How fascinating it is! Besides its convenience, buying cheap things is one more appealing feature of online shopping. And no doubt that the key rule of saving money by online shopping is buying second-hand goods. Here are 5 best used cars trading websites to help you get prepared for shopping:

eBay might be the most well-known e-commerce websites in the USA. There are millions of goods to be traded or auctioned in eBay. And you can exchange things with people all over the world. That means you can have lots more choices. But trust me, you never want to buy a used car from abroad. The cost of shipping will surprise you. If you want to buy cars from eBay, try to find a local seller or just turn to local shopping website.

Autotrader is another online marketplace for cars. It is founded in 1997 and have enormous users. You can choose from a great variety of used cars including SUVs, trucks and even Certified Cars. Moreover, it also sells brand new cars, so you could change your mind and buy a new one if you find what you like.

As an online shopping website, Autolist is just like other websites. However, its mobile phone app makes it a standout. This app is compatible with both Android and IOS systems, which makes it very convenient to phone users. With Autolist application, you can choose your favorite car while drinking coffee.   

No other website can surpass Cargurus when saving your money. This website not only lists all the necessary information of used cars, but also marks change in prices in recent days. This gives you more bargaining power when negotiating with sellers. 

The Kelley Blue Book is also a good friend for buyers. And it is known for its searching engine. You can simply click some buttons and it will show you the filtered results.

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