Tipping is a common courtesy, yet it can feel stressful in the moment. How do you know who to tip? When you tip, how much should you give?

In this guide, we’ll help you understand where, when, and how much to tip.

Tipping Servers

The most obvious tipping occurs at restaurants. On average, tip servers 15 – 20 percent for good service and more for exceptional service. Servers make minimum wage, so they rely on their tips. If you love the service, show the server with a tip.

Bartenders also rely on their tips. If the bartender only served you drinks, tip a dollar or two for each drink. If you ate a full meal at the bar, use the same theory as servers, tipping 15 – 20 percent.

Hotel Tipping

At the hotel, many people help make your stay memorable and comfortable. Consider tipping some or all of the following:

  • Bell boy – $3 per bag
  • Room service – 20 percent
  • Doorman for any services – $2 – $3
  • Housekeeping – $2 – $3 per day

Spa Services Tipping

Do you get your hair or nails done? Like servers, they rely on tips, so tip them 15 – 20 percent for a good job and more for a great job. If you go back to the same stylist often, consider tipping on the higher end for good service every time.

If you go to the spa for a massage, facial, or waxing, use the same guidelines – tipping 20 percent for great service, and 15 percent minimum.

Dogs get pampered too. Tip your dog’s groomer 15 – 20 percent depending on the job done and the difficulty your dog poses. Got a feisty pup? Tip more as a thank you for the service.

Other Tips

Other reasons to tip include:

  • Movers – Tip $15 – $20 per mover at a minimum, if you have a lot of heavy furniture or a lot of boxes, consider tipping more
  • Cleaning service – Tip at least $5 or more, especially if the cleaners work for a company as you don’t know how much the cleaner himself gets paid
  • Taxis or Ubers – Tip 15 – 20 percent for a ride, and more if it’s during peak time or the driver went out of his way to help you
  • Limo drivers – Tip 10 percent of the fare or more if the driver showed extra care
  • Bag check in – If you check in curbside at the airport, consider tipping $1 or $2 per bag

Before you tip, make sure the company approves it. Some companies don’t allow employees to accept tips. If they do, they make put their job at risk. If you are unsure, ask the manager or other person in charge before putting the employee in an awkward situation.

When you tip, always tip on the higher end if you can. Remember, the person serving you in any capacity is working hard for their money. They are there to serve you, but also to earn an income to support themselves.