What to do if you want to rebuild you credit history? Start with a secured credut card!

Basically, secured credit card is a kind of credit card that requires deposit, while unsecured credit card, regular credit cards, does not require any kind of deposit in application.

There are many advantages of a secured credit cards.

Even those with no credit or bad credit are qualified for a secured credit card.

Since secured credit card requires deposit, it usually have few approval qualifications, which makes us easy to meet the requirement. For those who need a credit card but does not qualify regular credit card, they should try to apply for secured credit card.

Secured credit card could help you build up a good credit history.

If you keep the terms and make repayment regularly in your secured credit cards, your transactions and activities on secured credit cards could give you a good image and record in your credit history. Since even those who are in bad credit could apply, they could quickly recover from their bad credit by using a secured credit card in a trustworthy way.

Deposit for secured credit card is refundable.

Although a deposit for secured credit card is not friendly to card applicants, the deposit is actually refundable. As long as you keep your account in good standing and make the repayment on time, you can get the initial deposit back according to credit card’s terms.

Application requirement for secured credit card is simple.

Different from the regular credit card, the application requirement for a secured credit card does not vary from year to year. It is usually extremely simple and easy to meet by lots of people. Compared with regular credit card, secured credit card is easy to apply and the customers often get approval more easily.

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