Saving money is an endeavour that everyone undertakes wilfully. However, there are some smart home technologies that we purchase for entertainment and convenience, not knowing that they help us save a significant amount of money by lowering our bills. We may have purchased these appliances for peace of mind, but they offer us full functionality and by addition, save us up to 30% reduction of our energy bills.


The number one power saver in the house is the smart thermostat. The smart thermostat offers the user the capacity to control it even when not at home. This is because they can be communicated with through internet-enabled devices like smartphones and home automation hubs. And with the amount of energy consumed as a result of home cooling and heating processes, installing a smart thermostat is a sure way of reducing energy bills by up to 10% annually. These powerful devices are known to adapt to the user’s preference over time, while also having the capacity to regulate based on the weather forecast.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting devices as the name implies offer the user an auto-regulatory lighting system; they automatically switch off when not in use, coupled with the energy-efficient diodes that makes them more efficient with very low energy consumption level. Some are built in a way that affords the user the ability to check the energy consumption on their phones rather than relying on permutated estimates.

Smart ceiling fans

Smart ceiling fans work in tandem with thermostats. They can be controlled through dedicated phone apps since they are internet-connected. Controlling it is so easy. Smart ceiling fans do not rely on the HVAC system; rather they depend on the regulation of the smart thermostat to determine the level of functionality to work.

Sense energy monitors

An energy monitor is a wonderful appliance in any home. By installing an energy monitor in electric panels, homeowners are afforded the luxury of identifying which particular appliances are raking up the energy consumption levels of the house. The device act like a supervisor, spring on other devices in the home to identify the level of energy each device is eating up and how much such energy cost.

Smart Sprinkler

Although not ubiquitous, smart sprinklers are powerful automatic water sprinkling schedulers. Whether you are home or on the field, this smart device will water the garden at scheduled periods. Not this alone, they are designed to read the weather and will not bother to sprinkle your flowers when there is rain. What more, they are controllable either with an app or through voice commands.

Smart Window Coverings

Light blockers may not come to anyone as home savers but they offer a lot. By providing the option of opening and closing curtains and blinds with just a button, smart window coverings give some level pleasure. And the fact that they respond to environmental inputs, they play their part in limiting the energy use within the home. The ACEEE estimates that these smart home appliances save up to 3% lighting and 20% heating energy reduction respectively.

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