Similar like pre-approved offer in credit card, pre-qualified offer is also a kind of emails that we receive from the credit card issuers. But different from pre-approved offers, which might usually be a type of credit card advertisement, pre-qualified offer tends to be more serious and more useful to credit card application.

Now let’s see some types of pre-qualified offer that actually give us some helps.

Basically, you could both receive pre-qualified offer in your mailbox and you can check your pre-qualified offer in the specific website online.

  • Chase Bank

Chase bank sometimes would send their customers pre-qualified mail offer with invitation codes. The invitation codes from Chase bank could be both received in your mailbox and could be checked on your personal branch.

This invitation codes allows you to have more credit cards within a given amount of years. For example, Chase bank has a rule that a customer could only have 5 credit cards within 2 years. But if you use the invitation codes that they send you in the pre-qualified mail offer, you can have more credit cards within 2 years.

  • Citibank

If you receive the pre-qualified offer from Citibank, and you decide to apply a credit card in the pre-qualified page, you then could enjoy a credit card that bypasses Citibank’s 8/65 rule. 8/65 Rule is Citibank’s regulation about its customers’ personal cards, which includes 2 rules. The first rule is that the customers must wait 8 days after application before applying for another card. And the second rule is that no more than 2 Citibank’s’ card application should be within 65 days.

  • American Express

American Express usually only issue pre-qualified offer for their first-time customers. For American Express previous customers, the pre-qualified offer could only be checked on the website.

Again, pre-qualified offers in American Express would offer lots of benefits including a lower annual percentage rate.

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