A mobile phone is becoming a quite important part of our life. Something wrong with our phone may lead to a mess. Phone insurance can help make sure your device is protected in case it gets accidentally damaged, lost or stolen.

Phone insurance may offer financial cover for things like:

A lost phone: if you accidentally lose your phone, your phone insurance may cover you and provide you with a similar model to the one you had before.

A cracked screen: if your phone insurance includes accidental damage cover, it can cover the costs needed to repair or replace a screen and other functional repair work.

Water damage: phone insurance can offer protection against accidental liquid damage.

Battery replacement: you could claim for a replacement battery on your phone insurance’s accessory cover.

Theft cover: phone insurance can cover the cost of a new phone if your device is stolen. YE-Wallet or digital wallet protection may also cover up to a certain amount of unauthorized contactless payments made after your phone was stolen.

What phone insurance usually won’t cover

Most mobile phone insurance providers will have clauses written into their policy documents which say that they won’t offer cover for things like:

1.A phone that’s been stolen from your car if it was in clear view and hadn’t been properly concealed

2.If the phone was stolen from a building or premise where there were no signs of forced entry

2.Any intentional damage to the phone that was caused by you and not a third party

3.Non-manufacturer-approved accessory repairs and damage that was caused by not following manufacturer instructions

4.Manufacturer’s defects or recall of the device

5.Cosmetic damage like scratches that doesn’t affect the device’s performance or safety

6.A lost sim card

7.Any damage claims where the damaged phone isn’t handed in for repair

What’s offered and what is not will differ depending on the policy provider – it’s best to read the policy documents carefully before taking out insurance with your chosen provider so you know what will be covered.

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