The No Fear Act is short for Federal Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act, signed by President Bush in 2002. This act can help reduce the incidence of discrimination within federal agencies.

The No Fear Act aims to increase the accountability of federal agencies for occurrence of discrimination or retaliation against employees, former employees, and applicants. This act also works in the tax collection process. For example, when taxpayers ask for assistance with tax return, the No Fear Act also helps protect them from discrimination and retaliation.

But how does the No FEAR Act protect us? According to the Act, Federal agencies are required to train their employees every two years to ensure that DOC (Department of Corrections) employees understand the Act and other laws that make workplace discrimination and retaliation illegal. The IRS is also one of the federal agencies under the No Fear Act. As a result, since the introduction of No FEAR Act, the incidence of discrimination decreases during the filing process of a tax return. Whenever we face discrimination during the process, we could report the matter to both the IRS and the police. Because such actions are absolutely illegal and we are all protected by the No FEAR Act. 

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