If you want money, follow the Monopoly.

There’s a game that we are familiar with, Monopoly. Several days ago, a friend told me that her first million was earned in Monopoly.

In fact, if you really did well in Monopoly, you can earn money in real life as well.

Why? Because Monopoly is designed for economic reasons. It was first invented to reveal the way how capitalism works.

In 1903, a lady named Lizzie Magie applied for a patent for her game, “The Landlord’s Game”. She wrote clearly in the application form:

It is designed to demonstrate the economic ill effects of land monopolism and the use of land value tax as a remedy for them.

In the 30s, a salesman named Charles Darrow found the board game worth playing and decided to sell it. He changed the name of the game into Monopoly. That was the time when Monopoly became quite popular.

The game is full of economic rules and strategies. If you learn more, you might be successful in real life.

  1. Keep Purchasing Properties

One of the basic rules of Monopoly is occupying the land, and buy the property, charge fees from anyone who passes by. The land resource is limited. If you have more lands, you have more initiatives. So, always choose “YES” when you are asked whether to buy this property.

If you follow this rule in real life, you will buy house earlier in a cheaper price. Also, houses in good locations charge much more money in the game. It’s the same in the reality. Those who invested in big cities would earn more than those who invested in remote areas.

  • Rational Debt

If you only buy lands and properties, you will never become a millionaire in the game.

It’s time that we should rely on leverages to have rational debts, therefore, we can take a leap forward.

So, you should borrow money from banks. With money, you can buy more lands, properties and stocks. Your capital will expand 2 times faster than before. Or you can buy bank’s shares until you become a member of the board, or even the chairman. Then you’ll find that you can use all money in the bank to invest.

  • Be aware of people

In fact, there are two versions that Magie designed. One is called Prosperity, the other one is Monopoly. In the Prosperity version, lands are shared with every player. If someone gets money from land development, everyone can enjoy the benefits. When the poorest player earns double of his initial capital, all the players win. The winning depends on cooperation.

But as you can see now, Monopoly is much more popular than Prosperity. You can find cards in the game to let other players lose. For example, the “go to jail” cars.

This is the real society.

You should always be aware of others.

  • Chance plays an important role

Luck plays a key role not only in the game, but also in our life.

In Monopoly, every step you take is decided by rolling the dice. Players could be in totally different positions after one turn. Some may get into jail; some may own a lot of properties.

There are different kinds of Chance and Community Chest cards for players.

So, a player’s wealth is largely depending on his or her luck.

It is the same in real life.

Do your best and leave the rest to God’s will.

  • Cash, Cash!

In monopoly, you will sure to lose if you don’t have enough money to pay others. Once I bought almost all properties and was short of cash. One player asked for the rent. I couldn’t pay.

In fact, many entrepreneurs failed due to capital lack. They may expand their business too much and too quickly.

Remember, always have sufficient cashflow with you, in case there’s emergency.

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