When we talk about kidnapping, one name can’t be escaped, Paul Getty, though himself was not kidnapped. The once richest man in the world was also famous for negotiating his grandson’s Italian kidnapping ransom.

Paul Getty

In 1973, Paul Getty’s grandson, John Paul Getty III was abducted in Rome. The kidnappers asked for $17 million ransom. When he heard about that, Getty didn’t want the kidnappers to take control. So, he said to them that he would not pay the ransom, in case his other 13 grandchildren may be kidnapped ae well.

Kidnappers were worried. They cut off little Getty’s ear and send it to his family. Paul Getty relented to some extent.

The leader of kidnappers invited Getty to Rome to have a talk.

Getty agreed.

They sat in front of the Hadrian’s Villa. The leader told Getty about his group and business, Getty said that he liked the arts of Italy.

Under a good atmosphere, the kidnapper asked Getty whether his grandson meant nothing to him. Getty replied that the kinship was only worth $200 million.

After several rounds of bargaining, Getty cut the ransom from $17 million to $3.4 million. By the way, he started an art investing program in Rome.

The kidnapping turned out to be a business.

This was not the end. After Getty came home, he didn’t prepare all the ransom. Getty said to his son, John Paul Getty Jr., that he would only pay two thirds of the ransom, the rest should be paid by his son.

Getty Jr. couldn’t afford that money.

Getty provided him a loan at an interest rate of 4%.

Little Getty was saved at last. He called his grandfather to say thanks, however, Getty didn’t pick up the phone. He was unsatisfied to his son and said to his wife that, though the loan interest he provided was somehow unreasonable, he never tried to bargain.

Getty was called the meanest richest man in the world. He was cruel to his family. However, he built his business empire with his cruelness. Sometimes when we do business, if we really want something badly, we should be cruel to some extent.

This article is the last one of the Kidnapping Self-Help Guide. As Anja Shortland points out, kidnap and ransom are a tricky business. If you know how to do business, then you can make through a kidnapping. These three rich people already showed to us, what kind of quality you need to do a good business.

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