People who love shopping online must have heard of Amazon, one of the largest e-commerce providers headquartered in Seattle. Amazon offers more than 12 million products including books, video games, movies, electronics, furniture, food and etc.

When you make the purchase, amazon always ask whether you would like to become a prime member. So, what actually is a prime membership of Amazon? To become an Amazon prime member, you have to pay $119 membership fee annually, which is equal to $9.92 each month. At the meantime, you can enjoy the benefit such as free and fast shipping for eligible orders, unlimited access to music and books, and other related discounts.

Are these benefits worth $119? Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of Amazon prime.


As a prime member, you will get shipping benefit such as free two-day delivery or even same-day delivery. For example, you can place the order in the morning and get it in the afternoon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy streaming benefits such as prime video, prime game, and prime music. For shopping benefits, you can enjoy 5% cashback in the Whole Foods Market with using the amazon prime reward visa card.


At the meantime, there are also disadvantages for amazon prime. Even though prime members are able to enjoy the fast delivery service, there are some areas where are not eligible for the same-day delivery. Therefore, if you are living in these areas, you are not able to enjoy the fast delivery service even though you are being a prime member. Also, if you are not a frequent shopper of Amazon, there is no need to get a prime as you can also pay extra delivery fee to get the same-day delivery service as well.

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