Choose a suitable location:

The rent of downtown apartments may be times higher than those in the suburbs but commuting costs should also be taken into consideration. If you are doing a soho job, states with comparatively lower rent may be a better choice than big cities like New York and Los Angeles. 

Get a roommate: If you don’t mind sharing the house with another person, finding a roommate may be the most convenient and economical way to save the rent. Split the rent with a roommate can save you the most money. In addition, costs like utilities, internet, cable TV and toiletries can also be shared.

Sign an extended lease: If you have enough savings in hand, you can sign a longer lease with the landlord instead of a shorter one. Usually, the longer the lease, the lower the rent.

Give up your parking space: If you don’t have a car, you can take the initiative to give the parking space up for a lower rent.

Look for apartments in the winter months: Due to cold weather and school schedule, landlords may have a hard time finding tenants in winter. Therefore, rent in winter may fall drastically, it is a good time for you to negotiate a good deal with the landlord. You can take the chance to maintain a good relationship with the landlord, and create opportunities to negotiate a better rent with him in the future.

Private Rentals: Try to find private landlords, family or small rental companies as opposed to a big corporation. Private landlords usually have a lot more wiggle room and less strict standards than big companies.

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