Renting an apartment is not a big deal. However, a bad credit score can make it a challenging experience. This is because a significant proportion of landlords gather information from your credit card report before signing off their house to you. There are ways to go about it to ensure that your bad credit does not hinder you from getting good accommodation

Search for an apartment with no credit checks

A significant number of houses that are not under a property management company do overlook bad credit. Some do not even bother to check at all. If you can be lucky to get a house under single ownership, there are chances that such landlords would not bother to check your credit report. Some property management companies, also do not check but they are not as common as individual landlords.

Brandish a high salary

If you are the lucky type that earns a reasonably good income, your landlord may not care about your credit rating. By brandishing a paycheck that is up to thirty times the amount of your proposed rent, there is a high chance that your landlord will overlook your credit score since your income is enough proof that you are more than capable to continue paying.

Build a substantial savings account

While a poor credit score can make a landlord doubt your financial capability, showing a high-value savings account can quickly sway such landlord to your side. Be sure that your savings account figure posts amount that can pay your monthly rent for up to six months. Any landlord seeing this will have some level of reliability in your capability.

Present recommendation letter from your employee or former landlord

If any landlord has any cause to doubt your financial reliability simply because of your bad credit score, try presenting a recommendation letter from either your former landlord or your employee. If it is from your former landlord, let him indicate how long you stayed there and whether or not you owed before leaving. Also, an employee whose employer recommends is enough proof that such employee is highly regarded by his employer. This is enough proof of your capability

Involve a co-signer

If you doubt if your landlord is going to overlook your credit score, you can decide to get a roommate or someone else with a good credit score. By getting a co-signer with a good credit rating, you have proven that you have a guarantor who can take up your liability if you default in paying your rent. Getting one may seem dicey but you can always get one of your friends to stand in for you.

 Deposit a larger sum

If you are capable enough, you may impress your new landlord by offering to pay a larger deposit in the form of an advance. This is good financial security and the landlord will always see this as a good gesture. Paying up to six months in advance will automatically relegate your bad credit score to the background.

Above all, you even take the option of repairing your credit score and get your credit card company to indicate that you have met your credit obligations.

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