If it is possible, a lot of people would prefer not to spend on funerals since it is not an exciting event. For those who feel compelled to organize a funeral for their loved ones, there are ways you can plan it without spending too much.

Get multiple quotes

You can decide to contact several funeral homes around you to get their price list. This affords you the chance to compare costs and go for the most cost-effective options. Also, ensure you ask each funeral home to itemize the charges.

Try direct burials

Direct burials exclude embalming, viewing and visitations. By eliminating this, you would have cut out a reasonable amount from the total cost. You may even take the option of buying a cheap cardboard casket. Other extravagance such as paying to have a casket sealed, getting a portion of land will only gulp more money. Why not just use a part of your own property and erect a low-cost headstone

Donate the cadaver

If you discuss with other family members, there is a possibility that some of them will be charitable enough to donate the dead body to medical schools in need of human cadaver. They appreciate it when such donations are made. All you need to arrange for is the transportation cost to the school.

Cremate the body

Cremation is much a cheaper option than actual burial processes. And the good thing is that more people are embracing the option due to its cheap nature. 

Get your own urn

For those taking the cremation option, you may need an urn if you don’t intend to scatter the ashes. Keeping the cremains at homes will require having an urn. These are sold at funeral homes. However, you may just get a nice and clean container from home to use as an urn.

Avoid funeral homes

Many people favour the option of funeral homes as perfect venues for lying in state. This comes with reasonable costs, often getting as much as $1000. You would have saved a great deal of money if you decide to hold the funeral service in a family member’s home or a church. You may even take the option of holding the funeral service in a park.

Bring along a relative

If you have decided on using a funeral home, it is advisable that you go there with a friend or relative to discuss the arrangements. Funeral homes are out to make as much money as possible from you but they won’t show it. While the directors may try to talk you into some frivolous spending, your companion is there to rationalize and advise you on what is necessary and what is not.

Exploit the social security help option

Most people are unaware that Social Security is mandated to pay a lump-sum of $255 to any surviving child or spouse on the condition of meeting certain criteria. Contact the Social Security Administration to ascertain if you meet such criteria.

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