Unfortunately, car accidents happen everyday. In our country, most personal claims are related to motor vehicles. Minor car accidents with little damage of the car can be easily handled with an insurance company. However, there are car accidents with physical injury, fatality or other severe damage to people. In that case, you’ll need a professional and experienced attorney.

With an experienced attorney, you can get more compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages and more.

What to do before hiring a car accident attorney

You have do make a comprehensive research about every attorney’s experience, skills, commitment, and fees before hiring one. For example, your attorney should be familiar with national transportation laws and is good at dealing with insurance companies. It’s better for you to find an attorney who can accept your case on a contingency or “no win-no fee” basis if he or she feels the case has any merit.

When should you hire a car accident attorney

The sooner the better. In general, you should contact an attorney shortly after the accident happens, about one or two weeks. The deadline for filing personal injury claims are different by states, you should check out this and find an attorney before deadline.

What to prepare before working with a car accident attorney

Preparing detailed information and facts before working with an attorney, including your insurance policy, what happened at the accident scene, your medical records and more. You should also prepare several questions in order to know better about the attorney, for example, “how much of my car accident case will you actually handle?”, “how are your fees structured?”

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