What help can you get from federal or local government?

In spite to the federal eviction moratorium that expired on Dec. 31, 2020 issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, many other eviction moratoriums have been put in place by state and local governments or National Low-Income Housing Coalition. Check with your local housing department to see if these policies are still available.

What kind of rights do you have as a renter?

To begin with, you might be recommended to check your lease thoroughly with your landlord and figure out what kind of rights do you have as a renter. Local governments may also provide tenant protections that you can make use of for the time being, so don’t forget to take the opportunity and make detailed investigations.  

  1. Talk to Your Landlord

Negotiate with your landlord and promise you have tried your best to fulfill your obligations as a rent so as to meet the criteria of the eviction moratoriums. Discuss with your landlord as to whether deferred payments, flexible payments or security deposit payments are possible for you.

  • Find Local Assistance

If the negotiation with your landlord did not work well, you can also turn to federal, state, and local resources for help. If you have any corona-incurred financial difficulties, some local assistance should be available. Fannie Mae’s Disaster Recovery program, for example, provides services such as housing counseling and housing referrals or expert intervention. Besides, state-based programs, United Way’s 211.org and the National Low Income Housing Coalition can also provide a lot of resources for you to tap, so remember to check the latest updates on all the assistance you are likely to get.

2 thoughts on “How to Get Help Paying Rent during Covid-19 pandemic?”

  1. I need help in cape may county New Jersey. I’m currently at a hotel type of apartment and I’m being harassed by the man who only collects the rent and I have not been talked to by the “owner” haven’t had TV since I’ve moved in. It’s $250 a week and I have a huge hole in my ceiling that a worker shows up at 9-930 at night he goes up thru the ceiling, he leaves around 5 mins later but has yet to fix the problem and I hear people upstairs and I’m not feeling safe, no tv, no internet as promised in rental papers, there are bugs which he promised before I paid my first week cash $290 box I pay towards a security deposit as well. I have had a leak in the closet which caused me to buy all new shoes n clothes because in the hamper being wet and hot they got molded stained and yellow. Everything got ruined. They finally got me a new TV and once again the worker went into my ceiling but hit my TV with his latter and the screen is black!!!! I sold my phones and jewelry just to pay him. I’m $450 down considering I had to buy shoes, clothes, coat everything a sheet set n blankets pillows. The Crap from the ceiling in the water ruined everything I had in my room I constantly have insulation and even all the way fixed because we don’t have the right tools or ladders or anything even though the worker has been paid for that already so I’m at my end route but I have no other option at this point to move into an actual apartment or have a couple thousand I don’t have that so I’m not allowed to pay and checks and I’m never giving a receipt I need to know where I can get help!!!!!!!!!

    1. Don’t stay at the Jersey Shore Hotel!!!! The man in the office whom is not the owner of the Jersey shore is very creepy!!!! He’s definitely a stalker type of dude. Dirty old man!!! Sells bibles to people that he gets in church with priest he has the audacity to try and sell the Bible!!!! Wow I have to think he is definitely doing something illegal here and I’m not allowed to pay my rent in checks for one reason and I just found out tonight he always borrows the money we pay rent for the owner yet he uses the money before Tuesday’s because that’s the day the owner collects it from him (Toni) I overheard a worker and him talking about it. They in something together. Something is also hidden in my ceiling which explains the two months of a hole in my ceiling and why someone is always up there. Also the worker comes in and out lying saying he has to take a measurement which he did 20 times already!!!! I’m concerned he comes for 5 mins late at night I’m a chick and live alone. And this toothless fuck needs to not come here especially at night. Next time I hear anyone up there I’m calling my family #juslike cops they will shoot !!!!!

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