• Mortgage Assistance

If you are suffering from a natural disaster, it would be important to contact your mortgage lender and ask if you can pause payments through a forbearance or readjust your repayment period. Written documentation should be thoroughly inspected before signing any forbearance or making any other changes to your mortgage. 

  • Crowdsourced Loans

Crowdsourcing is also among the best options to raise money after a natural disaster. Platforms such as GoFundMe are good channels for you to raise fund from friends, family, or even strangers and the money they donate don’t have to be repaid later. Remember to pay attention to the fees you have to pay to the platform that provides such services.

  • Personal Loans

Personal loans can come in handy when you are dealing with the loss after a natural disaster. They can be used to pay your bills if you are temporarily out of work due to the disaster. Make sure to pay attention to the terms, fees and annual percentage rates when it comes to personal loans.

  • Government Programs

Federal programs or state and local government are also a good source of immediate relief you can turn to after the disaster. They may be able to provide food assistance, medical care assistance and legal aid. Call the emergency management division at your own state or check their website to see if they provide any services.

  • Nonprofit Organizations

NGOs such Red Cross and Americares may also provide various assistance to you after a natural disaster. Some organizations can provide financial support, some food assistance, legal aid while others can meet your basic needs for living.

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