Although freelance jobs in the past were perceived as part-time engagements, the emergence of the internet seems to have changed the narrative. Freelance jobs abound in various places but the surest place to get freelance jobs is online freelance platforms. Majority of freelancers get jobs through online platforms than any other means. Freelance work is much different from the regular job seekers; hence the approaches to getting a freelance job differs from the approach regular job seekers exploit.

More people are beginning to see freelance jobs as a long term engagement, with reports emerging that freelancers enjoy a greater per hour rate than regular job seekers. With the growth of freelancing, we have highlighted ways to find freelance jobs and the preferred methods you can use.


The foundational tool for getting freelance jobs is networking. Either through online mediums or by making use of you real-time contacts, you can only build a solid freelance reputation by establishing a strong network of individuals where you can share information and records of your past exploits in the freelance world. Keep improving your networks; you never know where the next freelance job will be coming from.

Be Active on Social Media

Social media platforms are a great place to position you as a freelancer. Many organizations are using social media platforms to look for contract employees that will handle specific contracted engagements. Nothing makes more sense than improving your social media engagements across boards and you might that expensive freelance job in a short while.

Job Sites

There are several job sites on the internet where you can get very good freelance job offers. Although there are some with fake job scams, you cannot rule out the legitimacy of some other respected job sites to get freelance jobs, all you need to do is spend quality time in these jb sites, develop appealing gigs and you may hit a freelance jackpot very soon.

Develop a network of references

Do not see the issue of references as the exclusivity of regular job seekers alone. Freelancers often think it is awkward to have references. However, the increasing practice of people seeking recommendations has made it imperative for freelance job seekers to establish a list of references. They are proof that people can vouch for what you claim to do. There is nothing more valuable than someone validating your expertise to an unknown entity.

Develop your blog

The most sought after freelancers are those who can show off their expertise by having an online repository of their works. Blog sites give you a perfect platform to showcase your experience, skills and accomplishments. You don’t need to stuff the blog with impressive videos, or plenty of contents. Just ensure you have a project page that highlight your past works, a testimonials page where your works are being rated and a contact page where people can contact you from. These are enough. This is enough to stand you out in the freelance world.

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