Almost every credit card offers an opportunity for disputing improper charges. Improper charges might include billing errors, fraudulent transactions, and undelivered goods or services.

In lots of cases, an improper charge might be a sign of credit card fraud. In order to find out an improper charge, you need to check your billing statement frequently and carefully. You can try to focus on the transactions from unfamiliar company name or transitions that you cannot recognize.

Once you find an improper charge and want to dispute it, you are suggested to contact the agency or business that submitted the charge first, since they could cancel the charge from their site if this transaction took place recently. If this method does not work, you need to call your credit card issuer and request to dispute a charge. During this process, you will be asked to provide the name of the business that appears on your bill statement, the date and the amount of the charge, as well as the reason for the dispute. If you start a charge dispute, the credit card issuer will not force you to pay for the charge, nor would they charge your any interests during the investigation.

The investigation period usually continues for a few weeks, usually less than 60 days. After this period, you might get a letter of email that explains the results of the completed investigation. You might be asked to provide additional information, such as a sales receipt or proof of purchases.

If the investigation indicates that you are innocent, the improper charge will be cancelled and your credit won’t be harmed. However, if the result shows that you are not entitled to the credit, this charge will be reapplied to your account and you have the responsibility for paying it.

2 thoughts on “How to dispute improper charge on credit card?”

  1. I have FOUR charges on my card that do not belong to me. I cannot reach the
    company as there is no address or phone number. I will try again on the computer. There are transaction reference # on each item. These charges are in the amount of $91.56 each. The rest of the statement belongs to me. Please advise.

  2. I tried canceling a subscription to xbox live gold last year
    it was on my bill again this year
    I do not need it / my grandson already has subscription purchased another way
    I can’t get live person thru phone, I’ve tried canceling online, no luck
    I refuse to pay the bill charged on my chase slate visa card for some thing I tried canceling last year total billed on card $63.59
    please help, this was billed in May, 2020

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