When you want to file for bankruptcy, you might lack knowledge about the laws as well as the petitioning process. Under this circumstance, a bankruptcy lawyer might help. However, you need to be careful when choosing one.

Basically, choosing a lawyer entails two steps: Search for the likely candidates first, then select the one that suits your needs best through interviewing.

In the first step, the internet can be a good ally. You can visit some reliable websites, such as the American Bar Association (findlegalhelp.org), Legal Services Corporation (LSC.gov), and the federal court system (uscourts.gov). Or you can look for the state and local bar associations online. For example, Google your state or city plus “bar association” and “bankruptcy attorney”. Besides, old-fashioned methods may surprise you by its effectiveness. Ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives. You may find a trustworthy lawyer who is living just in your community.

After sufficient research, you need to interview the handful candidates. A qualified lawyer usually comes prepared, and he or she would often listen to your case carefully and offer useful suggestions. In case you have no idea what to ask, here is what you can start with:

  • First, ask the lawyers whether you’re a qualified candidate for bankruptcy. If so, you can ask them which variety you belong to, Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?
  • Second, ask the lawyers how many bankruptcy cases they’ve done and what types of bankruptcies they often deal with.
  • Third, establish the lawyer’s practice or his or her affiliate firm. A small firm might provide a personal touch, while a lager one might offer more resources and options. You could choose based on how complicated your case is.
  • Forth, ask the lawyers how quickly they return calls and how much they charge for calls.

After all the questions and steps above, you might find the lawyer you trust, then start your bankruptcy petition right away.

After all these questions and steps, you might find out the lawyer you trust, starting your bankruptcy petition with confidence.

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