We all know that when we receive a check, we do not usually receive the actual money. We need to use the check and contact with the bank in order to have the amount. However, this process sometimes would conduct a high fee. This article intends to introduce how to cash a check without paying high fees.

When you want to cash a check, you need to first visit a location that likely will accept the check, such as banks, financial institution’s branch, or ATM. If you do not have an account, you need to go the bank that is listed on the check or to a major retailer. After that, you could endorse the check, singing the back with your name on the line with the X. You also need to have your ID or your debit card in order to receive your money. If you have the debit card, the bank might directly send money to your account, while if you do not have any account, the bank will give you cash.

Generally, banks let their own customers, the customers who have their bank accounts, deposit or cash checks for free, but you usually would not have the full check amount immediately. If you do not have a bank account or if you need the full amount of cash without delay, lots of major retailers such as Payday lending stores provide the service for a fee, while the fee is usually as high as up to 10% of total check’s value.

The best option for cash a check without paying fees is to have a bank checking account. If you have a bank account that belongs to Credit Union, you could enjoy taking out cash in a check without any fees. Although this process might take several days and have some delays, you avoid the high fee during this cashing process.

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