There are many people (especially freelancers) who do not gain stable monthly incomes. This means they cannot get the same amount of money in each paycheck. Such an income is usually called an irregular income, and it can bring trouble to budgeting because the disposable income is often unpredictable. Therefore, people with an irregular income may need the following tips to make a better budget.

List your must-pay monthly expenses

Money spent on aspects like rent costs, transportation, and food is usually inevitable. Therefore,  things regarded as necessities should always be included in your budget. Figure out these aspects together with the amount needed, and you will know the basic monthly expenses you have to spend each month.

Find out your lowest monthly income

You can look back at your paycheck from the last year to check out what your minimum monthly income could be. If the lowest income cannot match the must-pay monthly expenses you have listed, you may consider either improving your minimum monthly income or cutting the spending.

Pay yourself a salary

If you have an idea of how much you need for necessary spending, you can give yourself the same amount of money on a fixed day every month. For instance, if you think that you need $2,000 every month for the essentials, you can pay yourself the same amount of money on the first day of each month. Sometimes it is OK to add the money a little bit more if you want to spend on entertainment. Yet you have to make sure that the cost is affordable, and you’d better record the spending to track it if need be.

Save the rest of your income

After you pay yourself the salary, the rest of the money left over should be put into a savings account. You may first build an emergency account to prepare for unexpected costs. Then you can consider other choices for savings. A wise option is that you can start to accumulate money for retirement. 

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