People all love getting something for free, especially online, yet chances are that you will encounter all kinds of freebie scams on the Internet. Therefore, to avoid freebie scams and protect your personal information, you should bear the following tips in mind.

Do not pay for a freebie

There will be some freebie scams requesting you to pay a small sum of money in exchange for a so-called“shipping and handling” or “processing fee”. Never pay a single dollar for that! Once the money is collected, the cheaters will immediately run away and you may never get the freebie.

In some cases, freebie scams will ask you to sign up for a “free trial offer” for some online services so as to get the freebie. You should also avoid such requests because this can cause the leakage of your credit card information.

Do not share all of your personal information

You should be aware that not all of your personal information can be given to a website or a company. Most freebies will ask you to provide your name and address, which is acceptable because the information is necessary. However, there will be certain freebies asking you to provide some information that is too personal like your household or your buying habits. In that case, you have the right to refuse the request to protect your privacy.

If you feel uncomfortable giving your phone number or email address to others, you don’t have to do so. It is likely that the information will be used for marketing purposes, which means you may receive a lot of junk mails.

Do not trust a freebie that sounds too good

Most of the freebies won’t worth too much (perhaps a few dollars). Seldom are freebies worth a lot. Therefore, if you find a freebie that claims to offer you a free house, a free car, or a gift card of large value, most likely it will be a freebie scam.

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