Download the grant application package

You can use the website to search your interested grant. It is a free online website that provides information on over 1,000 federal grant programs. All the necessary forms and instructions required will be available on it. You have to read the application instructions carefully because the awarding agencies will define eligibility and describe application requirements in the instructions. After you find the suitable grant program, make a double check of the eligibility. If you meet the requirement, download the grant application package and move on.

Make a checklist and complete the application form

You should review the forms and instructions in the grant application package and put all the information onto a checklist. Details are important for your application. Next, you should complete your form. Notice that different grants have different forms. Some agencies can require more forms than others. Once you finish the form, compare it with the checklist to make sure nothing is left out. If you carelessly omit something, you are likely to be disqualified.

Write the grant proposal

The Grant proposal is the document you need to prepare and submit to the agency or the funder. The proposal usually includes a proposal summary, an introduction, the needs assessment, the project objectives, project methods or design, a project evaluation, a future funding plan, and the project budget. You may first make an outline before you start writing the proposal. Besides, you should make sure that the proposal is easy to read. This means you should use clear and simple language and honestly describe your project. Building a compelling case with solid evidence to support can make your application more convincing.

Submit the grant application package

If you have finished the proposal, you can log in to the website ( again and submit your application. Before you submit, you should make sure that you have prepared all the information and documents required. After the submission, remember to check your confirming emails because you are supposed to receive within 2 days either a submission validation receipt email or a rejection email. If your application is successfully validated and retrieved by the specific agency, you will receive an additional email a couple of days or weeks later after the submission.

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  1. I’m looking for a Grant to buy new furniture because my old furniture is falling apart,I Pray that I’m eligible for this grant, I need furniture for all of my home,Thank You dearly

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