Once you get your new credit card through mail, there is one last thing left to do before you use it: to activate the credit card. Activation your card is also a way to prevent credit card theft and fraud.

Some people may wonder how to activate it. In fact, there are several ways to activate and each has different advantage.

Activate credit card online

Online method is quite easy and convenient. First you should find a website where you can activate your card either on a sticker on the card or in the packet with the card. The you have to submit your information, such as card number, your name and security code. After that, financial institutions will call you or email you to verify the activation. If you receive nothing, it’s better to contact the company to make sure that you activate the card.

Activate credit card by phone

Like the website, first you should find the phone number you call to activate the card. Then prepare all the necessary information, the card number, account number, the security code, your social security number or your date of birth. Call the number and follow the direction, and the activation procedure will be completed very soon.

Activate credit card by SMS

Some banks also allow their customers to activate credit cards by sending an SMS to the bank. Pay attention, not all banks provide this service. You should check with your bank first. The message you send to the bank could be MBANK or ATM PIN or any other predefined message. After sending the SMS, you will quickly get a response.

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