Divorce is sometimes heartbreaking. The divorce proceeding is costly as well. You may face with filing fees, court costs and costs associated with hiring outside experts, such as a child custody evaluator. Also, there are costs associated with hiring an attorney to represent you and handle your case.

So much money will be used during a divorce. In that case, you should know better of your divorce expenditure.

What exactly will it cost to hire a divorce lawyer? It depends. There are several factors that influence the overall of a divorce. When you hire an attorney, you are hiring them to do different things and they will charge accordingly.

Following are some aspects that an attorney may have to do:

Appearances, such as representing you in court.

Mediation, whether conducting the mediation themselves or representing a side in the mediation session.

Filing the appropriate motions.

Defending the appropriate motions in court.

Conducting depositions.

Representing you in a trial, if necessary.

With so much work to do, it is fair that an attorney charge you more than a flat fee as opposed to hourly.

Hourly rates also vary based on the experience of the attorney. Generally speaking, an attorney will charge $200-$400 an hour for their time. They might also require a retainer, typically around $5,000.

Attorney’s fees are not tax deductible. The exception to this is if the attorney charges to collect alimony or child support, or if the attorney gives tax related advice in relation to the divorce case.

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