The average cost of a wedding

According to a research, an averaged wedding cost is $33,900 and here’s the breakdowns of the fee.

Location & transport (reception venue, ceremony site, transportation) $18,677
Vendors (photographer, videographer, wedding planner, officiant)$6,988
Attire (wedding dress, groom’s attire, hair & makeup)$2,149
Entertainment (reception band, reception DJ, ceremony musicians)$6,336
Food (rehearsal dinner, wedding cake, catering)$3,225
Miscellaneous (flowers, invitations, favors)$3,042

How to save money?

  • Avoid Saturdays

The cost of wedding reception varies greatly according to date. Normally, the cost will rise on weekends, especially Saturday. Therefore, you can choose to host the wedding reception on Friday, which can help you save more than 30% of the total venue. If you choose to host it in March or November, you can save even more.

  • Shave your guest list

Catering is charged per person and each guest can cost $70. If you can cut 10 people from your guest list, you can save about $700.

  • Checking for hourly rates

Under most circumstances, people do not need their photographer, florist, or videographer all day long on their wedding day. Therefore, you should find yourself a wedding service professional for hourly rates. Keep on asking until you find the most suitable one but note that it can be very difficult to find such a professional during busy season or on Saturday.

  • Get rid of sit-down dinners

A traditional three-course or four-course sit-down dinner costs so much and it is time for you to choose a buffet or “station” meal. You can serve potatoes, roast beef, and pasta in stations and it will save you more than 25% of the dining cost.

  • Don’t separate your ceremony and reception

Although wedding ceremony and reception are hosted separately before, more and more country club and dinners offer the service to host both at the same place. You should hold this opportunity and negotiate with them to give a better price.

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