Although every motorhome needs to have at least one motorhome insurance, people might choose different types of insurance for their motorhome. This depends on how you use your motorhome. If you use the motorhome frequently, such as using it as your main transportation method as well as treating it as your only accommodation, it’s recommendable to opt the most expensive insurance for your motorhome. However, if you merely drive your motorhome for vacations (such as using it twice a year), you might choose a cheaper option.

The highest level of motorhome insurance is a comprehensive one. This usually protects the camper’s contents, including expensive camping gear and personal possessions that is inside your motorhome and that make your van feel like home, and you can even get personal possessions cover as an add-on.

If you feel the comprehensive one is too “luxury” for you, you can also choose third party theft and fire (TPTF) and third party only (TPO) policies. TPTF covers both the loss due to theft and fire (as well as other natural disasters), while TPO only you the legal minimum level of car insurance cover, and this is the most basic you’re able to get. These two might be more affordable than comprehensive. Although the amount of insurance you need to pay depends on your driving history and situation, you will have to pay for some or all of your repairs if you claim.

Therefore, it’s worth to compare all three types of insurance before deciding the right insurance policy at the right price. If you use your motorhome frequently, it would be better if you choose a comprehensive type of insurance.

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