RV (Room Vehicle), also known as motorhome, usually requires its owner to choose at least one type of insurance. Many people might wonder the average cost for RV insurance, but we will finally find out that the average insurance cost in fact varies from state to state. This article intends to analyze this issue.

Let’s see the annual cost for this insurance around the United States. The median RV insurance cost in Michigan is $4,490 annually, this cost is around $2,570 in District of Columbia, $1,108 in Oregon. Although different states have different annual costs and different insurance rates, this cost basically would not surpass $5,000, since Michigan is in fact weighs in with the highest RV insurance rates. The reason that Michigan requires such a high insurance rates is because the state has mandatory personal injury protection (PIP) coverage, which is not an indispensable part in other states. The second highest is Louisiana, and the median annual premium for the insurance is only $2,912. The lowest one is North Carolina, which is merely $860, and this is due to a number of factors including fewer high-cost motorhomes.

Basically, your motorhome insurance rate depends on state laws, because each state has its own requirements for the type and the amount of vehicle insurance. You need to contact an agent to ask about your state’s requirements before choosing one.

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