So many big events happened this year and we all seem to forget one important thing, our tax refund. Up to now, some of my friends still haven’t received their tax refund. What about you?

There are several ways to check where’s your tax refund, have a try.

Federal Tax Return

IRS Website

Every year after you filing a tax return (24 hours after E-File or 4 weeks after mailing), you can visit the IRS website to check your tax return status.

Here’s what you should do:

  1. prepare all the information: SSN/ITIN, filing status, refund amount
  2. visit IRS website:
  3. click the button “Check My Refund Status”
  4. conplete the information and click “submit

If all good, you will see your tax return status: Return Received, Refund Approved or Refund Sent.

IRS2Go App

You can download the IRS2Go App in your phone and use it to check the tax refund status. Same as in the IRS website, all you need to write is SSN/ITIN, filing status and refund amount. Click “Get Status”, everything’s done!

State Tax Return

You can go to every state’s official website to check your state tax refund status. Procedures are similar with that in IRS.

StateWebsiteProcessing Time
ALClick Here8-10 weeks/ 8-12 weeks
AZClick Here10 days/12 weeks
ARClick Here21 days/10 weeks
CAClick Here2 weeks/4 weeks
COClick Here
CTClick Here3 weeks/10-12 weeks
DEClick Here10-12 weeks
DCClick Here6 weeks
GAClick Here90 days
HIClick Here9-10 weeks/12 weeks
IDClick Here7-8 weeks/10-11 weeks
ILClick Here4 weeks/15 weeks
INClick Here3 weeks/12 weeks
IAClick Here30-45 days
KSClick Here10-14 days/16-20 weeks
KYClick Here2-3 weeks/8-12 weeks
LAClick Here45 days/14 weeks
MEClick Here4-6 weeks/longer
MDClick Heresoon/30 days
MAClick Here6 weeks/10 weeks
MIClick Here2 weeks/6-8 weeks
MNClick Here72 hours/6 weeks
MSClick Here8-10 weeks
MOClick Here5 days/4 weeks
MTClick Here1 weeks/6 weeks
NEClick Here30 days/3 month
NHClick Here
NJClick Here4 weeks/12 weeks
NMClick Here6-8 weeks/8-12 weeks
NYClick Here14 days/6-8 weeks
NCClick Here6 weeks/12 weeks
NDClick Here
OHClick Here15 days/8-10 weeks
OKClick Here14-21 days/4-6 weeks
ORClick Here4 weeks or more
PAClick Here8-10 weeks
RIClick Here10-15 days/4-6 weeks
SCClick Here6-8 weeks
TNClick Here
UTClick Here120days or after Mar. 1
VTClick Here30 days/8-12 weeks
VAClick Here4 weeks/8 weeks
WVClick Here3 weeks/10 weeks
WIClick Here12 weeks/longer
“-” means this state don’t have to report state tax

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