Bet most of us received emails like that “you are pre-selected to xxx credit card.” Emails reach you before you have a credit card. That is exactly what banks would do, a typical propaganda to promote their credit card. This kind of email is called “Pre-Approved Offer.”

Pre-approved offer means you have already met certain criteria when applying for the credit card. The financial institution would use a soft pull to know your basic information through card bureau.

If you are not involved in any late payment, or if you are recorded in taking certain flights or travelling to somewhere which could demonstrate your financial ability, the credit card issuer would send you a pre-approved offer to your mailbox.

Basically, if the card issuer knows you meet their credit standards as well as you have sufficient and reliable income, your chance of receiving this kind of pre-approved offer would be much higher.

The benefits of receiving pre-approved credit card offers is that you sometimes would get a very attractive introductory APR. In that case, when you apply for this credit card, you might have a very low interest rate when you want to borrow money or do some purchases.

Receiving various types of pre-approved credit card offers is also a good way to understand different policies of banks. These offers give you opportunities to compare credit card plans, and you can select one of them that fits your lifestyle.

However, sometimes we might find these pre-approved offers very annoying, especially when we do not want to apply for a new card. If you feel so, you could log in to the credit card issuer’s homepage and choose to “opt-out” these pre-approved offers.

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