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      The idiots in Washington that decide basically how we will live in the future. Unemployment is still 1 million a week signing up for 300 bucks a week. Some didn’t qualify so tough they think in Washington. The people need to demand financial aid post haste! Mitch and Nancy are not speaking due to no movement on either side. There are no camera’s in their debates. There is some but not deep state information. We need camera’s and accountability and pass just the second stimulus for the people. I’m not sure how to raise my voice and keep it being heard. I make to much money to qualify for stimulus check. Most of my friends all qualify and yet some are now homeless and obviously unemployed and that will be our next pandemic. Trying to lift people up and not beat them down.because your corporate fat cat friends are gettin paid good! Yee haw! The people need a voice. We have none unless it’s thru violence.  That’s not morally correct. We sit down with the powers that be and nobody leaves until it’s done.  If anyone knows of a platform that is highly visible or used alot please  respond with the contact so I can get started. Thank you all.  Please God bless us!! We need it!!!!

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      Tina Romero

      This is a very difficult time in our our family and friends life’s. Most of all our children all around us we have to drive to stay strong in every way as possible.and not give up on our society and our home town don’t let this covid take over our life our coffedence and our pride stay clean sanitize while everything thing around us all the time don’t touch everyone or everything stay masked up and don’t give up all tho alot of us lost home jobs our self esteem stay strong albuquerque God bless and never give up


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      Daniel purser

      Life would be better if Jesus would just come on back..weather destroyed our car..I’m disabled and can hardly walk..my wife I married over year ago may have gastric stomach cancer..we have had half our stuff stolen..I don’t know how I’m going get my wife to her Dr appointments cause God forbid if we ask for help..Canada and every other country given there people 2000 a month and our sorry ass gov arguing about giving us a dollar..and that little 600 dollar they just passed I hope they don’t give there self a pat on shoulder and say we did good..lol I got one thing to say about our gov..and I’m not going too..not even going waste my breath..just pray for me and my wife..God bless with love whoever reads this..

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