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      At first, I didn’t want to have flu shot until my boyfriend persuaded me the other day. He said that “since the flu shot is free and does no harm, why don’t we get one?”

      Sounds alright, so I got the flu shot yesterday. Ironically, I got the flu today. OK, now I know why some people think flu shots are useless. It took me $150 for Tamiflu.

      I was wondering why everyone tried to persuade people to have FREE flu shots, so I did my research. I think now I know that every FREE thing comes with a price.

      You are the one who’s paying your insurance premium, therefore, in that case, you are paying your own bill. FREE flu shot isn’t free at all. It costs you money and didn’t give you protection! Wish I didn’t get the flu shot, it hurts! I feel so bad.

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      No one guarantees a 100% protection of flu shots ever. Also I think free flu shot is a good thing. You are paying what you have to pay for the insurance premium, so you didn’t lose anything.

      If you don’t like the flu shots, then don’t get it next time. Hope you recover soon.

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