One of the easiest ways of saving money on items purchased is by using Ebates. Ebates is an affiliate marketing option that partners with stores by referring customers to them through the use of referral links. By referring customers to stores, Ebates get paid. However, they don’t just keep the money they are paid. Ebates shares the fees they receive from referrals with their customers. This is more like a cash-back reward. Or, so to say you are making money for being referred to a store to make purchases. And you do not have to worry that you may not see your preferred store on their list; Ebates has links to more than 1,700 online merchants. What more? Get ready for cash-back that reaches up to 40% of your entire purchases.

Perhaps, you are wondering if this isn’t some form of scam. Be rest assured that it is not. Ebates is simply an affiliate marketing platform that has been in operation since 1998, paying a whopping $325 million to their referrals since inception. For individuals to enjoy these benefits you have to be part of the Ebates family. To do this, you have to register an account with Ebates, search for your desired store on their website. Proceed to make a purchase like any normal online site. You may see Rakuten while registering; do not fret, it is Ebates’ holding company.

You will notice that as you go through the front end of the Ebates website to locate your preferred store, clicking on the store will take you the retailer’s website so that you don’t get confused about the shopping on a platform with an unfamiliar user interface. So you see, your shopping experience remains the same. But the good thing is that you will be receiving a whole lot of cashback discount simply because you access your favourite store’s website from the Ebates platform. Once you have made your purchase, Ebates will credit your account with your share of the commission they received for you making use of their front end to link to your favourite store.

Ebates members receive their cash through checks or PayPal. However, this happens once in a quarter and you are mandated to have a minimum of $10 in your Ebates account to be able to receive the cash-back payment. Also, Ebates has a browser button that operates as a shortcut, in case you do not want to log in to their website. You only need to add the button to your browser; you will receive a notification when you are shopping in one of the Ebates’ partners merchants.

More people are making use of Ebates to receive awesome discounts on their purchases, with testimonies abound of the wonderful discounts people are getting. You can also refer your friends and subsequently earn more cash that you can redeem at a future date. You may be lucky to have your cashback bonuses are stacked with coupons for additional savings.

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